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1. One of the primal forces of the universe in the swords and sorcery fantasy stories by Michael Moorcock. The most popular of these stories is 'Elric of Melnibone', but there are others which form the a sort of meta-xlogy called the Eternal Champion saga. These stories way be the first contemporary source for the mythical notion of chaos found in heavy metal music, role playing games, anime, and computer games.

2. Chaos is one of the 4 primal alignment forces in the Dungeons and Dragons rpg universe, and is the opposite of Law. The other polar forces are Good and Evil. Chaotic creatures value individuality and freedom over discipline, order, society and tradition.
"That guy is chaotic evil."
"Naw, he's not evil. He's just chaotic."
by kia roach October 01, 2004

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To copy pieces of artistic works to be later used as atoms of material for the creation of a new, original artistic work.
How much of that old Cronkite recording is ripable?

There are rips from old bugs bunny cartoons in that song.
by kia roach September 21, 2004

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Changed by random cultural forces, which are in this analogy taking the role tha radioactivity takes in biological mutation.
They played a mutant version of bohemian rapsody.

Her art is sort of a mutant salvador dali-- the leopards aren't melting into clocks, they are melting into killer robots disguised as clocks.
by kia roach October 01, 2004

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