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The best means of transportation if you are a teenager living in LA. you can get from the valley to the beach in and hour and a half , if your lucky . wich is prety fuking awsum , considering it would take anyone near the 101 a lifetime to travel the same distance, but of course there are a few bad things about going metro, for one , the busses are not as common on smalll streets , or streets metro chose to not give a shit about, Two there will be an ocasional bum taking up half the back of the buss with his mobile cardboard appartment . Three , thoes korean old ladies sure can get nasty if you happen to be sitting in the front of the buss , where they are prioretized. four , most of us more frequent metro goers , will have noticed that every buss driver seems to be an African american female, with freaky five inch nails , that makes you wonder if she can properly handle that steering wheel. but overall, metro is the shit.

ex1) forgot his metro buss pass and he had to hitchhike to school.

ex2)that korean lady just beat the shit out me with chiken for refusing to get up and give her my seat.

ex3) the bum sitting next to susie on the buss gave her a love hug and she never recovered

by keyboardpenny July 15, 2008
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a brand of cosmetics, exfoliating lotions and beauty care stuff, that mexican ladies go around selling to their relatives friends, and strangers. its an alright brand , its eyeliners are prety okay , for 2 dollars, and most lotions have a nice smell people will remember you by.
my mom, aunt, cousin, neighbor and sister sell avon.
by keyboardpenny July 19, 2008
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a theme park, there are a couple of these across the US. i have been to universal studios hollywood in california, about 60 times, and they are great for tourists but after a while you realize there are only 3 good rides. but if you enjoy paying ten dollars for a slize of pizza, then ride a plane to california and spend your life savings on some cotton candy , a funel cake, and a picture of your purple faced wife , in the mummy ride.
mario points and laughs at the tourists in universal studios.
by keyboardpenny July 17, 2008
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