14 definitions by kermit999

To make love or just a one night shag, is to greet the person then use your penis to meat them, shortened version is to greet and meat them (normally used as meet and greet)
Hey last night I had a one night stand we met and shagged just like a greet and meat!
by kermit999 June 26, 2011
when someone shits on you, you have been logged on
Peter logged on me today
by kermit999 October 25, 2009
A man that turns gay....or a man that has anal sex with another person
Love do you mind me going over to the darkside?
by kermit999 June 19, 2011
friends in high places is when your mates decide to take the drug marujana, maybe in Amsterdam, Holland where it is legal and you are stood outside looking in....you have friends in high places :)
wow! look in there freddie and tommy are totally out of it...yes you could say we have friends in high places
by kermit999 June 5, 2011
You can alter your Ring Tone by squeezing the cheeks of your arse together!!
To 'Alter your Ring Tone' As you fart squeeze the cheeks of your arse together, this alters your ring tone??
by kermit999 October 23, 2009
wishing someone a happy stressmass is recognition that chrismas is a very stressful time of year??
Instead of wishing Happy Christmas try Happy Stressmass for a different reply from your friends
by kermit999 December 25, 2009
When you go on a date with someone and you end up not liking them, you slag them off to your friends etc, this is called 'date and slate'
I went out with a right awful person last night, they were this....they were that.... in fact what you might call a 'date and slate'
by kermit999 June 29, 2011