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"O-! Naruto Nippon!" is a radio show in Japan which various seiyuu's (voice actors) from NARUTO host together with Uzumaki Naruto himself. It is now a 30-minute weekly radio program chock full of NARUTO fun. Only in radio programs like these do you get to hear your favorite characters (in this case, from NARUTO) go wild and act out-of-character. Enemies become friends and friends become enemies. You can hear it every Monday or Friday night at 9:30pm, in Japan, of course.
It's funny and strange to hear the voice of Gaara say 'DATTEBAYO' in Naruto Nippon.
by kenshinta September 11, 2007
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Paine (can also be spelled Payne, Pain, or Pein)
First Manga Appearance: 238
First Anime Appearance: 135
Ring: Rei (Zero) on right thumb
Originally From: Hidden Rain Village

Paine is the assigned leader of Akatsuki, although he reports to some other being who we do not know about (as seen in chapter 363 of the manga). He was told by Tobi to capture Naruto, and that because he is the leader, he cannot fail. Nothing much is known about him except that he is able to perform high level jutsu, he has the ability to make it rain, and that he has brown-red hair and blue eyes (based on the Shippuuden anime).

Before he appeared in the manga
Paine is the assigned leader of Akatsuki.
by kenshinta September 08, 2007
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