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The state of your mouth after your freinds dare you to eat a whole spoonfull of cinnamon in one bite.
Bimmy: I'll give you 20 bucks if you eat swallow this spoon full of cinnamon.

Jimmy: sure.

Bimmy: Here you go.

Jimmy: Mhhhhggghhhh

Bimmy: You got the cinnamon mouth!
by Kelbydole July 22, 2009
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N. Gamer score from achievements that you get for doing simple or remedial tasks, i.e. finishing the tutorial or upgrading a weapon.
"There are all these noobs online that think they're so amazing because of Lamerscore"
by kelbydole March 15, 2009
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Noun-A real word that can be used in scrabble, because its a real word, and not just made up.
jackson davis played the word "fudie", in scrabble.
by kelbydole December 24, 2008
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