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The act of defecating into a condom, freezing it, then using said frozen defecation as a dildo.

Where one craps into a condom, sticks it in the freezer and then later uses it for sexual purposes.

A last ditch resort for a woman who finds herself without a dildo.
"I couldn't find any batteries for my vibrator, so I had to make a brown python instead."
by kasairashi August 17, 2011
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An act of forcible and very fast paced eating. Usually occurs when one goes for prolonged periods without eating properly. Side effects include mad cravings, bloated stomach, and a horrid case of the shits the next day. To avoid this horrific situation, keep handy satisfying snacks and beverages whenever possible.
"Dude, yesterday I went all day without eating. When I got home my mom had ordered pizza and I initiated attack of the killer nom noms.
by kasairashi June 25, 2012
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Open bar is a dangerous game, respect it.

Free booze, whilst wondrous and full of joy, is also dangerous.
Tread carefully.
"Dude they have an open bar at the Christmas party!!!"

"Rule of Drinking #1 man."
by kasairashi December 28, 2011
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A mythical figure developed by parents in the 90's in order to discipline unruly children. Essentially her job is to find naughty boys and girls and whilst they slumber, she takes any and all toys that they may possess as a form of punishment. A note is supposedly sometimes left to inform the children of the misbehavior.

"What is it sweety?"


"I told you that the Toy Fairy was gonna come and take them."
by kasairashi March 01, 2012
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