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a magic trick of sorts, when you are banging a chick from behind you fake an orgasm, pull out, and spit on her back jerking off all the while, you must time it right so when she turns around thinking the love making is over, you cum right in her face!

***sometimes also known as the second gunman***

The name is directly derived from the great magically magical Harry Houdini!
concerned co-worker what happened to your eye janine?

janine oh, that shit stain of a boyfriend gave me the houdini at point blank range.
by karl hungus February 07, 2005
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a strawberry sundae is when you you cum on a girl's face, punch her in the nose, causing it to bleed, and then rub the whole red and white mix together creating a strawberry sundae of sorts.

***the previous definition for this word is more closely related to a houdini: ***
so i was fucking this fat bitch, and she just wouldn't shut up so i gave her a strawberry sundae, fat chicks like those right?
by karl hungus February 07, 2005
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The act of shitting.
Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom and do some problems in bowelgebra.
by Karl Hungus January 12, 2004
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Canine prosthetic testicles.
My dog has a phat ass pair of neuticles.
by Karl Hungus December 02, 2003
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is when you ram a paper towel tube up a girl's asshole and drive micro-machines in there.

***it is direct reference to the large engineering project undertook in europe to link France and England through an underwater three-tunnel railway***
friend:what happened to all your micro-machines man?

chunnler: oh those crazy cars is gone man i did the english chunnel to my girl.
by karl hungus February 07, 2005
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1. to take down a huge hand in poker (i.e. winning a hand by a landslide, a full house vs. one pair.)

2. to make girls cream their panties once they set eyes on a person of the oppsite sex
1. He wolfed that pot, now he's sitting high with a boatload of chips.

2. You see Jaime wolf when she took a gander at Dick's huge cock.
by Karl Hungus February 16, 2004
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The stoopid network that blacks out my local HI-Definition broadcast during hockey season. Good for people that are still forced to watch low def sports.
Damn you Fox Sports Network, go pedal your low-def analog signal somewhere else!
by Karl Hungus November 05, 2004
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