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A merging of the names Sharon and Rhonda
Arthur: "Someone named Sharonda is interested in me".

Me: "You better not let Mike hear you say that because he thinks I'm your real girlfriend, not her".

Arthur: "And, you better not let him hear about Tyrone, either, or he'll think we're cheating on each other with these people".
by Karen Stickney June 03, 2007
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My ex-staff(and possible boyfriend)'s favorite band
Joe is a big Guns N Roses fan. His favorite member is Slash, which is one of the reasons he played guitar before giving it up because of coordination issues. I don't know what he saw in them, but every time I hear a Guns N Roses song, I think of him.
by Karen Stickney November 12, 2006
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A misunderstood, but popular rock band from Canada. They are hated on by so-called "rockers" who claim that they have gotten softer as their career has progressed, and because the rest of them don't have long hair like Chad does. Maybe, but they still have hard rock songs on their albums as well as those power ballads that have influenced such bands as Saving Abel. Just because Chad Kroeger has chosen not to scream all the time and be blunt in his songwriting instead of metaphorical like your rockers do is no reason to hate on them. They are not talentless fucks as you would like to believe. It's not their fault they are so popular. It's the fault of the fans. If it wasn't for us fans, dedicated and casual, they would be obscure.
Everyone seems to hate on Nickelback because Chad chose to start being a blunt lyricist from "Silver Side Up" onward instead of metaphorical like he was on "Curb" and "The State". They don't just talk about sex, drugs, and rock n roll like Buckcherry and the like do. Nickelback have had topical songs. Have Buckcherry et. al. done that? Maybe, but not very often. You say that the women who like Nickelback only like their ballads. WRONG! I like their rockers as well, and I'm a woman, and their biggest fan.
by Karen Stickney November 11, 2008
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a cliche that hard rockers of the 1960s,1970s, 1980s, and to some extent, the 1990s and today, follow, saying that these are all rock and roll songs are supposed to be about: banging groupies, taking lots of drugs, mistreating women, and rock and roll music, when we know that there's more to sing about than that stuff

2) the reason why grunge kicked out hair metal

3) the reason why everyone hates emo
1)The main reason people like the Buckcherry song "Crazy Bitch" is that it follows the tired old "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" trend that has been in effect since the 1960s. Besides, who needs to hear them call someone a bitch? The National Organization for Women should get this song off the radio! The only difference between the rock songs of the 1960s and Buckcherry's song is that Buckcherry's song has cussing.

2) All hair metal was doing was following the unneeded "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" trend, and Nirvana knew that there was more to rock than that, so they kicked the hair metal musicians' sorry butts to the curb. Unfortunately, this trend is making a comeback, and it really needs to die!

3) Sex, drugs, and rock n roll is a stupid trend, and emo is actually meaningful than all the songs that follow this trend. Emo cares about the music; the artists that follow this trend only care about excesses, and that's what emo haters expect emo artists to sing about, when in reality, emo is far deeper than this moronic hard rock. Anyone can do this trend; few people can do emo.
by Karen Stickney November 03, 2006
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