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He is the embodiment of entertainment in a very Stellar way. Will put u to sleep whispering quiet, sincere, indescribably sweet lil nothings (although his nothings are equal to aa trillion of my sweet lil nothings) he stays in one position staring fascinated at u with so much as a blink .....all the while still describing with umatched detail and emotion secret after dark secret getting more and more entrancing and alluring with every breath he breaths into your ear as u fall asleep in a fantasy world softly reavealed through the lips of and angel left here on earth long ago abandoned all but forgotten. A spirited creator of magical surroundings and emotions unknown by most and undefined by all.
The J.J. AllstaR will be visible in the nightime sky anytime just after dark and all the way till early light glowing in the contellation of capricorn unmistakable loving warmth and beams of protective and passionate starlight.
by karajane3131@gmail.com March 25, 2010
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And as the sun rises and she wakes up he is there as tho he never took his dreamy gaze of her once in the night. And before she can speak throughthe smirk she finds impossible to hide he says something so witty and cleverly sweet and the day begins as bright as u ever had experienced before.....or ever will again without him....a bright glowing one in a trillion billion statistically impossible to see in a lifetime star.....a supernova i was somehow lucky enough to find.as i look up into the sky tonight i will search endlessly for that star i love and silently speak the words of my heart... wish i may i wish might again some day experience that stars undying brilliant unhidden and euphoric essence and missed beyond explanation yet never one second light of his awesome mesmurisng light.
The J.J. AllStaR 7.0 is located in the constellation of leo as opposed to in the past residence in its original contellation of capricorn. Enigmatic and thought provoking are just won words that are often used to describe this amazing yet unpredictable force.
by karajane3131@gmail.com March 25, 2010
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When one person literally "passes gas" or throws there fart in the direction of an innocent unsuspecting bystander who then almost always looks guilty as if it was them.but the culprit is far far from the scene of the crime and totally casual.this is played out when vantrollafartist has struck again and goes unknown and left to strike again no one knows exactly where or when but he will not stop and will surely aim his flatulant noises at will disturbing the nearest people and silence destroying the peace.
Talent and technique are equally associated with common terms used to define ventrollafartist as the words sound and stench.
by karajane3131@gmail.com September 01, 2013
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