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a very awesome show found on youtube. It's about a salesman who tries to sell a robot named DOG to a bunch of different people. Uses Gmod to make it.
Some guy,"I'll take one, how much?"
the robot salesman,"That will be $143,653,982,712,423.15. Will that be cash or check?"
Some guy,"Babies"
by kantalupa October 29, 2008

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a cross between a gazelle and an elephant. Its as big as an elephant, as fast as a gazelle, and can leap across buildings in a single bound. has a purple colour to it. looks funny with its tiny legs and large body.
cocoa," zomg! what was that weird animal that just jumped over the grand canyon?"
kantalupa,"That mister squirrely was a gazellephant, creatures weirdest animal."
by kantalupa October 29, 2008

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