4 definitions by jyther

Marvelously fabulous or Fabulously marvelous, depending on which way you are facing
"It's a mavulous day, isn't it."
by jyther November 25, 2002
When you are one with something. Suggests unity or completion. A loosely defined quality combining or uniting athletic skill with love and respect, as well as money.
This word is used in the movie Jerry Maguire by Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. "Jerry, you are the ambassador of quan." And "Some players have coin, but I have the quan."
by jyther November 22, 2002
Money in the form of metal coin, shrapnel,
Do you have any coinage for the drink machine?
by jyther January 28, 2004
Idiot, one who does something foolish or stupid. Moron, dweeb.
You've got your jocks on the outside, dorknut
by jyther November 21, 2002