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Bill Nyes street name
Yo J-Dogg, you about to buy some good shit?
Yeah man, im gettin it from Slim Killa
by justlava September 13, 2019

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A type of masturbating where he thrusts his dick against the friction in his jeans.
Did you see Justice over there doing the futty?!
by justlava February 16, 2018

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A small town in Virginia. Home to the trashiest white girls and racist rednecks. The black people here all think that they're hard, When, in reality, they all get beat by the cops. The Red Devils are the second-worst football team in the county, followed only by Jefferson Forest.
That kid over there is from rustburg.
Damn, he must be trashy af.
by justlava September 01, 2019

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