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A top that women who are extremely top-heavy wear in a club or a bar in order to get men to give her (and many times her friends also) drinks for free.
Girl A: Hey girl, are you ready to hit the club?

Girl B: Almost. Lemme just put on my free drinks shirt so we don't have to buy our own.
by just_blazin4ya December 17, 2008

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A tattoo on the chest, usually pawprints or something, pertaining specifically to ones found on a woman's breast(s) that you'll get a "WTF are you staring at my tits for?!" look if you dare look try to peek and get caught.
Guy 1: Damn man! did u see that girl's tits?!

Guy 2: Yeah, they were huge and had that tittoo of a chinese lettering on them! That chick had the nerve to stare icy daggers at ME for looking. It's like why did she let a guy scribble on her titty, expose it, then get mad at ME for looking?! I bet she don't even know what that tittoo even means...

Guy 1: Women are nuts...

Guy 2: Man, tell me about it...
by just_blazin4ya January 20, 2009

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