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1. Define working as a group more important than personal adornment.
2. Experience shows more about circumstance than opinion can dictate.

3. To define racism as an act of discrimination against another because of the color of their skin. This means only white men.

4. To spend enough time to see a situation for what it really is, not to define right and wrong, but to negate them.

5. To better know the person before you, to learn from their teacher's and those who taught them.
6. To want to persevere and facilitate a resolve, but to know when all resources are null.
7. Something about knowing how to perpetuate the fight and an unwillingness to dictate to another person to seriously change their reality.

8. As a child this Robbie thought it wrong to be disrespected because of his age. He still feels young people deserve more respect and consideration than grown ups have considered, yet.
9. To see the Truth as the most basic principle to understanding the best things life has to offer. Energy is wasted towards gains of any other volition.
10. The wisdom to know that knowledge and goods are best left free, that way resource can fulfill its highest potential, rather than go to waste.
Looking up to another is better than a stronger intimidating influence could last, Robbie.
Building off of what others have done already is the best way to contribute to doing things better, Robbie.
No white man will have anymore or any less a struggle with white privileged and racism, than any other, Robbie.
I think this whole post has been presumptuous but a whole lot of fun. Robbie
by just_another February 04, 2010
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