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UCLA is a college with a student body that greatly appreciates what USC students have to offer. The sense of humor and argument that USC students bring is certainly priceless and quite entertaining.
"I'm one of those new freshmans you guys are talking about @ USC and I didn't even bother to apply to UCLA because I know they suck (and also because their application date was in november.. wtf)
You can't spell ruin without bruin ^_^"
-->FYI, you can spell ruin without bruin. If you wanted to use that phrase, it would be, "You can't spell Bruin w/o ruin" since ruin is actually included in bruin while bruin is clearly not in ruin. Oh yeah, freshmans = freshmen.
-->"(and also because their application date was in november.. wtf)" does not help your argument. In fact, this addition only contradicts your argument. It implies that you wanted to apply to UCLA (thus looked up their application deadline), but either were too late or too lazy to apply in time.
-->Please see this writing as a clearly demonstration of USC's superiority. The writing, spelling, and grammar of USC students clearly surpass anything UCLA students could write. Based on this evidence alone, USC students are far more superior to us UCLA students. I certainly have never learned, in all my years at UCLA, how to write like that.

"Here's the big secret: It's due to the fact that kids at USC have LIVES and usually don't hang around the web and try to one-up and bash their rival school on a WEBSITE.

Obvious conclusion: So many UCLA kids only frequent urban dictionary because they are worried and insecure, and can't one-up or bash the winners at the University of Southern California in any other arena but the safe and faceless world wide web."
-->Yes, I completely agree. I suppose that's why the writer of that entry is bashing USC. Wait. I don't get it. The entry is bashing UCLA, but only UCLA kids don't have "LIVES" and would do such a thing. USC students are so superior and have "LIVES." Therefore, that entry must have been written by an UCLA student.
by june3ca December 10, 2006
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