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Physically attractive -or- a situation which induces arousal. As opposed to 'hot': possessing a large amount of heat.
Guy1: How's the weather over at your place?
Guy2: It's hot; like 95 degrees and humid.
Guy2: Also, the girls' track team just went running by... all sweaty.
Guy 1: Now that's hott... fap, fap, fap!
by jtuck58 December 17, 2008

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When one accidentally discovers a command or trick on an Apple device. A moment of iEnlightenment.
guy1: "Hey, I just learned how to delete Facebook posts on my iPhone!"

guy2: "No way...who taught you that?"

guy1: "The Apple fell on my head as I was brushing away some pocket lint!"
by jtuck58 February 04, 2011

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