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When an onslaught of sweet occurences happen to a point where you and your buddies can't stop yelling out "sweet!" and "score!" a scweeorgy occurs.
Josh: Dude you just won a free hamburger? Score!
Greg: Not just a burger...but fries too!
Josh: Sweet!
Greg: Score!!
Cashier: Can you losers pause your scweeorgy for a second and just take your damn hamburgers?
by joshg4 May 28, 2006
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Something that is so unbelievably awesome that you are overcome with the urge to declare your love for it in front of all your friends.
Me: Dude did you see Ice Princess? It was mutherfuggininsane-o!
Friend: Riight...

Me: Holy shit! You mean I can get fourteen jr. bacon cheesburgers for only 3 bucks! That's mutherfuggininsane-o.
Wendy's Cashier: Riight...
by joshg4 May 6, 2006
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a queer + a hobo = queebo
"Hey bro, you know what would be hardXcore? If we went to go see Fall Out Boy this weekend."
"Dude stop being such a queebo."
by joshg4 May 1, 2006
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What you call your friend after he does something extremely dangerous and stupid (i.e. jumps off the house on a Razor scooter and attempts to land in a kiddie pool full of instant jello) and survives.
I can't believe you just peed on that cop, dude. You're Harrison Ford's Right Testicle!
by joshg4 May 6, 2006
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