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a hemroid so huge it feels like a ham as been shoved up your ass...
My ass was so swoled up it felt as if I had me a hamroid all up in there.
by johny drama December 26, 2007
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Very good weed available on the street scene in and around Hollywood.
"Before I go let's burn one." "Well I got a pound of the bubble cush stashed in the wheel well of my Deville." "Let's do it."
by johny drama January 02, 2007
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A discgolf term used after a drive, describing the throw just before it hits a tree and sails off into the shuale...
Thanks man, you sure niced the shit out of that one...
by johny drama July 23, 2015
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When about to unload in the back of someones girlfriends mouth, pull her hard onto your member and then reach down and pinch her nose.... This will cause your flim to search for an exit when she begins to gag... Only spot left will be her eyes.... Hence, A Crying Dragon... This is far worse than an angry dragon, but the gal will be blinded for a few moments giving you time to vacate...
Sheot, angry dragons are a dime a dozen, want to give her a special treat???? Lay a crying dragon on her...
by johny drama September 12, 2010
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The women you go out with when no one will have you... aka
your palm.
No Jane can't go out tonight, you better give Hangala a call.
by johny drama December 23, 2007
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