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No meat, no milk, no eggs. Often no honey. Like straightedge, but for animal products.
Kosher? Pshf, we like it straightveg!
by joehaer April 23, 2005

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1. (n) One who abstains from deliberately supporting the killing of animals (esp. for food) by avoiding animal products that necessitate killing (mammal/bird/fish flesh, milk, etc.) <i>Often reduced to the practice of avoiding meat consumption; the term vegan denotes a pure vegetarian.</i>

2. (adj) A quality of food such that it is derived from no animal products (often reduced to <i>meatless</i> as <i>vegetarian (n)</i>)
1. "He's a vegetarian--he refuses to pay into a system that depends on killing animals."

2. "It's almost vegetarian! There's just a little milk."
by joehaer July 05, 2005

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