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A large island in the middle of the sea, at the furthest point from and land on Earth. This island is constructed from all debris that the world has cast away, a record of all man's history on earth, since that fateful day thousands of years ago when a Neanderthal cast that first crisp packet into the sea. The Republic of Plastic Beach as a governed nation was founded by Murdoc Niccals, Bassist of 'Gorillaz' Whilst Scouring the oceans with a helicopter from their 'El MaƱana' Video. He promptly brought singer 2D, and his own creation, a cyborg Noodle, constructed from bits of Noodle's skin, DNA and a drumming machine, to the island whilst drummer Russel Hobbs swam toward the island under his own power. As the founder of Plastic Beach, Murdoc made himself the sole overlord of the island.

Some of the contents of the island are;
bits of planes, broken ships, dinosaur bones, telephone boxes, half a chariot, a couple of Viking boats, a bit of an old Sinclair C5, the ruins of the Great Library of Alexandria, the wreckage of the Hindenburg, some old N.A.S.A Space rockets, a Sphinx, some spears, bits of the Titanic, an unexploded bomb jammed into the ground, broken bottles, old tyres, electrical cack and all manner of dumped and damaged goods are held together by the thick sticky gloop of jettisoned tar and oil slick from a million untold disasters.

Otherwise known as Point Nemo, The Pacific pole of inaccessibility, The Republic of Plastic Beach.
Fisherman 1: Hey! Was that the drummer from Gorillaz?
Fisherman 2: Russel Hobbs?
Fisherman 1: Where do you think he was heading?
Fisherman 2: Oh, just in the general direction of Plastic Beach
by joed293 May 25, 2010
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to have a bullet or other high velocity object enter you head and neck area fatally.
I was just riding in my car through Dallas when i was suddenly JFK'd
by joed293 March 23, 2010
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