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a wannabe scouser will put on a liverpool accent and act like a scouser to try and look hard or impress somebody or make them stand out.
People that come from formby and ormskirk can offten be plastic scousers and will act this way.

Forby person "Ay lad don't be fuckin bang on"
by joe_red August 30, 2006

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Slag from my area anyway that relates to the end of your penis see bellend usually red/purple colour and becomes fully visable when you get an erection.
when i get a lob on my bullhead goes massive.
by Joe_Red August 20, 2006

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Slang from Merseyside area for an extasy tablet, come from the footballer garry ablet which ryhmes with tablet.
"Ay lad im takin a garry and goin ravin tonight"
by joe_red August 31, 2006

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