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"The doctor just found out that Barbaric Barbara's fetus was covered in ABSOLUTE SHIT!!! So yeah, the doctor told Barbaric Barbara that her little smelly fetus now became a Fecus."
by jkdsjksdhsdakjsdakldfja January 1, 2021
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a person (especially with lactose intolerance or IBS) with a huge ass that farts all the time
timmy: hey, billy! stop being such a fartass! you’re gonna stink up the whole classroom!
billy: i promise i won’t do it again (farts even more)
timmy: RIGHT THAT’S IT! *loads shotgun*
billy: wait man i ate a lot of spicy food i can’t control my far-
timmy: BE GONE!!! *shoots timmy in the face for being a fartass*
by jkdsjksdhsdakjsdakldfja September 9, 2023
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