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The effect in any Men's Bathroom that happens in front of each toilet, especially in public restrooms, bars, or sporting events. Once one drop of urine hits the floor in front of a toilet, each individual that uses that toilet stands further back, thus adding more urine to the tide. Eventually the tide comes in further and further that each and every individual male stands so far from the toilet as to avoid getting the pisstide on their shoes, pants, etc., that it is socially acceptable for the last 3 to 4 seconds of their urination to land nowhere near the urinal and blatantly on the floor/pisstide area.
We got to the bar about 9pm last night, and the bathroom was spotless. Then the pisstide started coming in about 11pm. I had to take a deuce near midnight, but no way was I getting sucked in by the pisstide. I'm not going home all wet.
by jjstang May 19, 2009

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