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A brand of hexagonal electronic drums in the 80's, often considered the maker of the first true electronic drumset. Simmons was known for their infamous "dzssshh" and "beyoooo" sounds that can be heard on countless 80's pop and new wave songs. The Simmons name was reincarnated in 2006 when Guitar Center bought the rights to the name and logo. They now manufacture low-end (aka crap) electronic drumsets that are of no relation to the original Simmons company.
Some 80's record: "boom ba doom beyoooo!"
Musically uneducated person: "WTF was that?"
Drummer: "Simmons drums!"
by jimbob8353 November 29, 2010
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A brand of guitar effect pedals, owned by Roland. Their stuff is OK, but not nearly as "revolutionary" and "breakthrough" as they claim. They are rivaled by smaller companies that make far better stuff than theirs. Anything that has the Boss logo and the word "modeling" on the same device is gonna be crap. Their products are feature-limited, sometimes overpriced, and have been known to be unreliable. Boss can usually be summed up with one word: meh.
Inexperienced guitar player: "Dude, check it! I just got the new Boss ME-20! It is siiiickk. Goes right along with my Ibanez strat copy and tiny little 15W amp! Rock on Boss effects! METAL!!!"
Experienced guitar player: *facepalm*
by jimbob8353 November 29, 2010
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A crappy Japanese company that manufactures keyboards, drum machines, guitar effects, electronic drums, DJ gear, recording products, etc. Known for making cheap unreliable products that are marketed as having "groundbreaking" and "revolutionary" new features that rival companies have had for years (and at much lower prices). Used to make some great products (TR-808, 909, Juno series, SH-101), but their stuff has turned to cheap plasticky shit.
Person 1: "Dude, my keyboard's dead!"
Person 2: "Lemme guess, it's a Roland"
Person 1: "Yeah...maybe I'll go buy a new Fantom X8 to replace it!"
Person 2: "Haven't you already learned your lesson?!?!?! Go get a Nord."
by jimbob8353 November 29, 2010
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