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Someone who bleaches their entire head, to come out looking like they dipped it onto a bowl of pee. You come out looking albino with red skin.
Cecilia laughed at Mikey's pp head, while he made out with Gayl.

You could spot his pp head from a mile away, it's the first thing to catch your eye.
by jezzka February 18, 2006

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Means 'awesome' or 'cool'. The word originated from a small asian who quotes 'family guy' and 'futurama' in her spare time. It can also be used to define morons who like to go out and build snow men at 50 degrees below zero. Also can be used to describe very tiny, yet cool, asian kids that love TV and playing with cameras.
'Golly! You are so charturdious!'

'Hahaha you're tiny. I shall call you Charturdious!'
by Jezzka March 02, 2007

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