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verb, pand·cras·ti·nat·ed, pand·cras·ti·nat·ing.

Delaying or putting off a necessary task and using the Covid-19 pandemic or its transformative effects on normal existence as the excuse. This is especially appropriate when the effects of the pandemic have absolutely no bearing on the avoided activity. Pandcrastination.
Skipping laundry for a week because you have nowhere to go during the pandemic is one thing but letting your apartment devolve into a crack den while you binge watch Cheers is just pandcrastination.

To tell your professor you didn't finish your assignment because of Covid-19 but could drive 50 miles to the nearest Pizza Hut that's still open is an example of the word pandcrastinate.
by jes nemo May 08, 2020

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A city on the western tip of New York State, which once upon a time boasted a population and commerce only second to New York but now is only known for failing sports' franchises and a law enforcement system where no one, from minorities to 75-year-old men, is safe from brutality.
You're going to Buffalo? You better be careful, there's nothing but chicken wings and cops ready to bust the heads of grandpas in!

Buffalo, known as the "city of good neighbors" by its inhabitants, is now known by the rest of the country for its police department's missteps when it comes to allowing citizens to assemble and practice their first amendment rights.
by jes nemo June 07, 2020

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