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A cool abbreviation for the name "Sarah." Cool people tend to add "z" on the ending of a word to add more character in a name.
cool person 1: hey Sarz!!
confused person 2: why do you talk like that? O.o
Sarah: (to cool person 1) Oh hey! (to confused person 2)Oh please, you are being lame!
by Jennz August 16, 2012
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throw up your gang sign or tell what "hood" your from
"What you bang?" "P-Funk, baby!"
by jennz March 17, 2007
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An abbreviation for Kathryn. Katie is too common of a name, so Kath makes the nickname! A Kath is often times stubborn but very easy to befriend!
friend: ughh! Kathryn you are so stubborn! I am nicknaming you Kath!!!!
by Jennz August 16, 2012
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