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Ahh the "staten island girl" what most describe as a rich, trashy, overly-make-up'ed, tight-pants wearing, coach bag carrying girl with an obnoxiouss accent(etc)

I will not claim that this breed of miserable-ness does not exist on this island (because sadly it does) i would like to point out that there are girls, mostly residing on the North Shore, that detest this stereotype.

In fact, there are some of us that:

-have no accent at all(baffling i know)
-actually left the island for college & whatnot
-hate wearing too much make-up
-refuse to buy coach bags (or only buy the leather ones without the C insignia so no one knows)
-own many pairs of sweatpants and non-matching hoodies that do not contain an ounce of velour, andd wear them out in public
-do not wear high heels to "the mall"
-work and own their own bank accounts that contain their hard-earned cash
**-make fun of boys with the blow out
***-get really pissed off at the girls that do NOT make fun of boys with the blow-out because that just makes them think its okay, and it not
-enjoy getting their real nails painted, and actually kno what their real nails look like without acryllics
-do not have lifetime memberships to the tanning loft, body tan, hollywood tans etc.
-cringe when people ask where their from (because that inevitably is followed with a joke about either coffee, the dump, traffic, or just laughter)
-have goals other than marrying someone rich and moving to a nice gaudy house in todt hill and/or annadale
-refused to watch true life: i'm a staten island girl out of sheer embarrassment OR watched it and just felt embarrassed for the girls on the show...

you get the idea.
We are few but we do exist.
"your from staten island?"
"'fraid so"
"wow i would have never guessed that, you don't look like a staten island girl"
"yea i know i get that all the time"
by jeeez July 31, 2007
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