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the act of masturbation (male).
Mother: Jimmy come down, your potato's are getting cold
Jimmy: Just a minute mom, im pulling the head off it
by jed mitchell April 11, 2007

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A cash game of poker, reffered to grindament's by top players as this due to the general method used to beat these games is to play only premium hands as the blinds do not increase and the game never ends.
"playing the stars 100R tonight bro?"
"Nah prolly gonna hit the grindaments"
by jed mitchell August 01, 2007

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the act of backing out of conflict, out of nothing other than sheer pussiness. This is a reference to the french and how gay they are when it comes to wars. they really are very gay.
Joe: you think killer & phillip will fight?
Bill: nah, i can see killer pulling a froggy
Joe: why's that?
Bill: he's french and as a result it is in his genes to run away at the first signs of danger.
Joe: bloddy french
by jed mitchell May 04, 2007

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a penis. thats it really.
Male 1: "you watch hollyoaks/read heat (or similiarly girlish activity) last nite"
Male 2: buddy, you need to grow a nib
by jed mitchell April 11, 2007

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