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A next level "mooning" maneuver designed to show more disrespect than the standard act of mooning. The Pink Elephant is fairly simple, but specific to the male gender. It is achieved by undoing one's fly and exposing the bare penis whilst pulling the pockets out of the pants. The inside out pockets represent the elephant's ears and the exposed penis symbolizes the trunk.
Guy #1: "Wow, you totally gave that passing truck driver the Pink Elephant!"

Guy #2: " I know, I've grown tired of mooning people... it's just too common place these days"
by jbone June 27, 2012

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A descriptive expression which would denote a very dirty time had by all. Sometimes an occassion or party can get out of control and quickly turn into a total poop show.

A very messy event with a sloppy outcome, a typical characteristic of frat parties and college keggers
hungover kid #1 : "What the hell happened at Will's party last night?"

hungover kid #2: " I don't remember exactly, but when Mikey and those two drunk girls started taking their clothes off and dumping booze all over themselves in the living room it turned into a complete poop show!"
by jbone June 30, 2012

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n. A figurative phrase used primarily to indicate the difficulties faced when people who have had too much to drink attempt to communicate with each other.
Ben drank a few to many last night. He had a hard time ordering a pizza due to the language beerier.
by Jbone May 01, 2012

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to leave to go somewhere
I am going out to the store, and will be back shortly.
by JBone February 12, 2004

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