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Central Coast Cali area code. Where all the real gangsta's bang and party. Atascadero's Southern Locos Gang throws up this area code making it a number that commands respect, cuz those ese's are fuckin crazy.
Southern Locos Gang member: It's all about the 805 ese!
Cop:It's people like you that give the central coast a bad name.
Southern Locos Gang member: {pulls out strap and caps the cop in the face}
by jay13 February 17, 2008
The most gangsta town in all of 805 home to crips, bloods, and the notorious Southern Locos Gang, a ruthless group of Surenos who bang on busters and party like there is no tomorrow. If it's happening in the 805 it's goin down in A-Town.
Gangsta1: Let's go party party in Paso Robles.
Gangsta2: Fuck Paso Robles ese! It's goin down in A-Town!
Gangsta1: Get in the'64 we're ridin to Atascadero!
by jay13 February 17, 2008
The Southern Locos Gang is a crew of the most down ass Surenos in 805 Cali. They throw up SLG 13, and put down for their varrio, which is Atascadero, Templeton, Santa Margarita and Paso Robles. They smoke busters like glass and chronic, and party like sailors on an all day pass. You fuck with them and you end up six feet under. They're the reason that you can't bang Norte in SLO county. They killed all the busters in 805 and have to ride up to 831 to start shit.
831 Buster: Let's show these SLG fools how to lean like a Norteno.
Southern Locos Gang member: {pulls out AK-47 and caps all the busters in the head.} "SLG SUR TRECE MOTHA FUCKA! Thats how you lean like a Norteno!" Lean all the way to the floor!"
by jay13 February 17, 2008
Refers to the California counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbra, and Ventura. They all share a similar lifestyle and the 805 area code. On the Central coast we party hard, fuck hard, ride hard and always bang that Sur 13. In fact the central coast is home to dozens of Sureno gangs including Atascadero's notorious Southern Locos Gang who put the busters to shame.
Norteno1: Let's go to the central coast to party.
Norteno2: Fuck that those Southern Locos will cut us up like thanksgiving turkey.
by jay13 February 17, 2008
Cali slang for Atascadero. The most badass town on the Central coast. Where the real gangsters kick it.
Gangsta1: Let's go party in Paso Robles.
Gangsta2: Fuck Paso Robles. It all goes down in a-town!
by jay13 February 17, 2008