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someone ridic chronic grinder that cbs's all day and doesnt do anything but smoke that kush and ball like swoosh
Kid1: Man, that Brayden dude is a true cbser.

Kid2: no shit man

Kid1: damn, jaxon77 is a ridic cbser
kid2: Yeh i think hes got cbseritis X
kid3: yooo , thanks man
by jaxon77 June 05, 2009

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a sickness when sum1 cant be cb'd moving or doin anything. the only cure is a ridic about of anti-cbsing pills
Sudanese kid- lets go to that party
Sudanese kid 2- I cant i got a sever case of cbseritis
by jaxon77 June 08, 2009

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shortened version of cbf or cant be fucked which can be used in various situations. Many words are derived from cb's like cbser, cbseritis
ridic hot chick1: wanna have sex?
burnham: cb's.
by jaxon77 June 08, 2009

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sum1 that realy sucks at life, especially at socom
mexican1: holmes, that kilnerio guys a scrub
mexican2: no shit esse
by jaxon77 June 05, 2009

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a guy whos loves to make out with younger women usually atleast 2 years. they also may use numerous condoms during sex, e.g 7-8. they are also get raped by school, socom, life etc.

and last of all they shuffle 4 life.
KID 1: yoo, that kid looks like a dylan.
KID 2: i thought it was kilner10?
KID 1: yoo nah man he is just a dylan.
by jaxon77 June 07, 2009

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