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n. a reclusive person who interacts outside their habitat by rambling through blogs.
....so obsessive about following the basketball blog he shunned the rest of the world to live as a bloglodyte.
by jarweed April 24, 2007

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n. puffy, saucer-like, dark brown areolas usu. free boobin and on display through white t-shirts.
Damn, check out those hubcaps bouncing around.....they got me mesmerized.
by jarweed May 09, 2007

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incomprehensible language often but not exclusively spoken while lying flat and beneath a mouthful of testicles.
Ever since the '08 election Bob's been on Glenn Beck's nutsack ... yeah, I've noticed Bob's usual conspiracy theories have become garbled, or nuttier, teabagger ramblings -- teabagese.
by Jarweed November 29, 2009

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the gang of shouting heads at FoxNoise who distort facts and pound on a Republican talking points drum.
Cheney handed WH Press Sec. Scott McClellan a sheet of Iraq war talking points to pass on to the Fox propaganga.
by Jarweed January 08, 2009

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