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a cross between a hypocrit and a twit, also how small kids miss pronounce the word!
OMFG! you are such a hypotwit
by janu March 30, 2005
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kkavyaa is a real cute person who loves bread and cheese . someone who loves cooking and is an excellent baker . she is sensitive and very kind hearted and extremely caring . though she might be misunderstood by many she is very brave and courageous to face all challenges in life . she is an excellent friend and always supports and encourages the positive in others , but once she sees your true colours as negative you can never expect her to change her view in this life time .
kkavyaa is very emotional but is the most lovable and adorable girl ever . she is a sweet-tooth stationar- crazy cat-crazy type of girl and of course an awesome cool ass who is extremely useful in English slang dictionary if your close enough to be assisted ; overall she is a cool bestie covered in puppy cutenesses and an all rounder .
cmon man don't be a a spoilt sport, be a kkavyaa
by janu November 23, 2021
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