3 definitions by jamali

Something you buy for a person to make them forget things.
Person 1: "You know what you should get them, Drugstore Vodka."
Person 2: "I love a gift that makes someone say, 'Where am I? What happened?'"
by jamali October 30, 2007
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1. A wierd person. A freak, a gorm.

2. The place where Sheldon's (from Big Bang Theory) sister works
by jamali October 18, 2007
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Someone who acts like an idiot, is extremly annoying and/or stupid.

Can also be used as an adverb when someone or something is doing an action in a Fungdark way.

Also used as the opposite of the word "Cunt"

ORIGIN: 30 Rock; The "C" Word

OMG, stop being a Fungdark.

That's acting fungdarkingly annoying.

That's fungdarkish.
by jamali October 18, 2007
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