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nu metal is a genre of music , originated from heavy metal bands like iron maiden , ACDC black sabeth , then thrash came about with bands like metallica , nu metal is a subgenre and is more sad and doomish , it was founded with bands like koRn ( which rock) these bands werent as talented as the original heavy metal bands but made a sound that people liked . some people describe slipknot as nu metal but some true metalheads that i know think difrantly and sey there true metal but they might get confused by how heavy and how corey taylor shouts but the lyrics are the things which tell or not if they are nu metal. i think slipknit are a very good band think they are nu metal because they are nu (new) and original but the sound is to the likeing of thrash and screamo rockers who will not call it nu metal...well in my school , i on the other hand like nu metal, black metal ,goth rock and the thrash an hard rock an loads shit but nu metal bands like limp bizkit some people will call gay cos dey rap and loads do but koRn are the true founders of nu metel but since there first few albums they lost popularity and got just referd as hard rock to the metal heads and metal heads started to show a liking of them but not as much as thrash and screamo.
i will admit that nu metal bands sometimes arn't as talneted as original metal bands and the morden thrash but the sound they produced was to the liking of record producers an shit , but the rapcore defeintly wasn't liked by many metal heads.
slipknot to this day to anyone who is not a fan who either hates them or just dusn't listen will only no slipknot as a metal band and will criticise metal heads and just make fun of that and call them emo shit wich is gai , but for those metalheads who have a disliking for slipknot and do refer them as nu metal shit will not like them for this point but there are more points why they don't. true metal heads might not like them because they are sad and gothic ( sometimes gothic) and will call them emo ( they don't know whAT EMO MEANS) because the original heavy metal was a heavier take on rock and it was either normal rock n rollish lyrics or devil worshiping (slightly) and vilont which they love but the dark sadness edge was not to their liking.
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by jake hussey August 13, 2008
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