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jelly bracelets: a cute rubbery circular decorating device that is USSUALLY only meant for hanging on the wrist.BUT, some sick adults have turned it against us kids saying stuff like " Oh you know those sick perverted CHILDREN have turned bracelets into sex.yep,they rip those suckers right off and make the person do sexual things to them.whatever happened to good parenting?" okay 1st of all, like the "adult" said, we are only children!we are kids ! 2nd of all, if i wanted to have sex with somebody,i wouldnt go out and spend 5 bucks on 10 braceltets and have somone brake them just to get laid!i am 14, not sexually active, and disgusted by the way perverted adults are turning this so called game into something that a kid supposedly started.none of my friends have ever used them for anything but decoration.I have never used them for anything but decoration. nobody i know does!sick parents had nobody to blame this on so they made up some sex game and put it on teens like me.
blue = oral
by jacque July 03, 2004

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