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A male that pursues, engages and dates rich, old ladies in order to enhance his lifesyle. By pretending to be attracted to and interested in them publicly while being paraded around her circle of hags, he benefits from fine-dining, parties, concerts, plays, drives her luxury auto, lives in her big home, plus he gets gifts, toys and pocket money.
Opposite of the female Goldigger.
Look at Fabio, what an Olddigger; has he no dignity? Can you imagine having to dust the cobwebs off of that old box and do her just to get some perks?
by jaacee December 11, 2006

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A big brown turd; a piece of shit
Everybody out! There's a log salmon in the pool. (see Caddyshack)
by jaacee August 16, 2006

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Having a big, thick piece of man-meat; a huge penis.
I am so sore from last night! Jaacee tore my pussy up with that big Can of Manwich.
by jaacee August 22, 2006

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