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Serbian SAMP server with 90% of kids, it has so bad owner that pays 5$ for 1000 slots server, and the server is in Frankfurt, constantly ddosd by Balkan school. "The server is so, so laggy because of your ping and your internet, not our server" (that is cheaper than bubble gum) - most common sentence of admins on Skill Arena. The owner calls it "Skill Arena Role Play" but there isn't any role play on the server, only deathmatching. Aven is the only guy who wants RP on the server, but he is the most hated admin because of the small youtuber that films for kids. Admins are the worst admins of any game ever created. If girls start to play on the server, she will get whatever she wants, in any time-feminism. One of the worst communities on the internet, even if players say it's one of the best. Belgrade Police Department is a nickname for PD there.
Skill Arena is SAMP server.
by j3fcigan April 14, 2020

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The biggest Mafia Boss in the world.
Chief of Police of LAPD.
by j3fcigan April 14, 2020

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Lastname of a bit autistic, but good boy from Serbian Montenegro-Podgorica, Zabjela gemg. He is a great friend, and he is really short, poz od Jefte.
Djukicu come here!
by j3fcigan April 15, 2020

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