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okay listen. i don't know anything about politics, and i don't watch the news. maybe he is a total idiot, i wouldn't know, but he's a person too. if he was really that aweful of a president, don't you think he would of been kicked out of office by now? he wouldn't be in charge if he wasn't meant to be. really, everyone needs to lay off the poor guy, he does his best i assume. if the country hates him that much, maybe they shouldn't have voted for him. everyone who complains, it's partly your fault for voting him into office, twice. so don't complain to everyone else how much you hate him, get over it, there's nothing you can do about it. he's the president. he can't be that dumb if he got voted in in the first place. geez.
person-"omfgzz i like, totally hate the government and like george w. bush. he is like, so totally gay. we should like anarchy!!!1!1!1!!!!"
logical person-"shut up."
by j.liz July 29, 2006
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in my own opinion, and everyone has their own, a very annoying singer with a whiny, high-pitched voice.
hanginnnn' onnnnnnn

cheyenne has her own t.v show

cheyenne's voice isn't the best i've heard
by j.liz July 15, 2006
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