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The act of many caucasians gathered in one home or yard and partying, being belligerent , obnoxious, and just listening to some horrible music.
I was late for work again my new neighbors were having a Honkey Hoedown again. At least i got some digits from a few Honkey ho's
by J TIZZLE October 26, 2012
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When a white woman knowingly sleeps with a black man that is married or in a relationship.
Did you hear that Tanisha called off the wedding she caught her man with a HONKEY HO
by J TIZZLE October 26, 2012
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a girl who all you want to do with her is have sex, but she don't be actin right all the time.
We need to get them skeebos skirts off tonight
by J Tizzle January 31, 2004
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When a sex-panther gives a person a wedgie, and while they're pulling their underware out of their colon...you pants them.
"HAHA Alex just got a pedgie!!!"
by j tizzle October 23, 2004
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