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(meme) A phrase one bro says to another to indicate that he is attracted to a chick in a nonchalant manor. It can also be a game in which one bro guesses what girl the other is referring to while in public with multiple women around them.
Bro: Damn, Ken. She's actually... kinda cute.
Brah: Hmmm, the blonde? Or that brunette in the pink over there?
Bro: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by j john October 25, 2017
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A warriors bandwagon

Hates on lebrons greatness

A finessing god with the ladies
Does damage in the bedroom

Thinks Kobe is better then Jordan

Hates on smite players

Says he hipped everyone to a lot of music artist

Always in his older brothers shadow
A drop off in 2k
The best fifa player in Brockton hands down

Was once a dagger king

Goes by KING JO
Is very smart

Corrects everyone’s grammar

Thinks he’s always right
Jonathan is a wise man
by j john May 29, 2019
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