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a term reclaimed by left-wings in american politics. it usually describes a “white, conservative american”* who thinks it’s okay to ban gays & support tr*mp.

*doesn’t have to be white, conservative, nor american. can also be anyone with strict, close-minded views & ideals. they’re too much of a snowflake to handle change & progression. they’d rather stay stuck in their disgusting, minority way of thinking. we run this country now; you mad, snowflakes?✊🤗
tj: bruh, did you see anthony’s story?

b: nah man i blocked his yucky, snowflake ass. he called me a f*g for posting about biden... what it say tho?

tj: idek something dumb asf about how trump is gonna take over & become president again in march...

b: bruhhh... he’s such a snowflake... like get over it already; they want special treatment so bad... just like tr*mp... FOH! smelly snowflakes...
by itscupidxx January 30, 2021
Did you hear about that homi downtown yesterday?
Yeah, he's locked up for a triple-homi:/
by itscupidxx March 4, 2021
Meaning very fresh, pimp, and cool.
Dude, that new haircut is so suave.
Wow! Those new glasses are suave!
by itscupidxx August 8, 2013