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a term that refers to scene kid emo poseurs who slit their wrists for the same reason they do everything else - to be cool popular and considered hardcore. these cuts are not evidence of an attempted suicide but instead a desperate cry for sympathy and attention. however, this word should not be confused with "self mutilation" "cutter" or "self injury" it's only emo kids who cut themselves for attention and popularity. people who have real problems with deliberately hurting themselves are either suicidal or using it as a way to relieve negative feelings (ex. distraction, escape, numbness, control...) you will know if someone is for real or just an emo kid poseur because the little attention-whore will run up to you revealing the emo cuts and complaining about how bad life sucks, hoping you will feel sorry for him/her. real people hide their cuts(burns, bruises...) from everyone so don t think every cutter is an emo attention whore fucking poseur
emo kids and their emo cuts keep the people with real problems from getting the help they need because no one takes us seriously anymore
by iss-shoes April 30, 2006
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