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A phenomenon where you look at wrist in order to check the time on your watch which you swore you put on before you left the house this morning and realize its not there. Can lead to ridicule if done in response to someone asking for the time and he/she realizes what just took place.
Guy1: "Dude do you have the time"
Guy2: "Yeah sure let me just check" *looks at wrist, realizes there's nothing there*
Guy2: "So...maybe I should ask someone else?"
Guy1: "Goddamn ghost watch...."
by Ism January 14, 2014
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A person who many people on this website make fun of because they saw it on other forum websites and thought it was cool to make God and any people who beleive in him look like a fool.

Alright even if he isn't real I promise you you will live a 25% better life if you beleive in him.
"God is a cute imaginary character whith his fictional book called the bible."

-Probably anyone on this website

Not beleiving in God is the trend these days.
by ISM October 07, 2005
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To tell the truth, espouse a belief in a straightforward manner.
Kick it to the curb, girlfriend!
by ism August 31, 2003
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A band only MTV brainwashed idiots hate.
"Black Eyed Peas are gay and so totally get beaten down by G Unit."

-Any generic MTV fanboy
by ISM October 06, 2005
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