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Minoxidil - Chemical widely used for the treatment of hair loss. It has been proven clinically effective in both the prevention of loss and in establishing varying degrees of hair re-growth in males and females suffering pattern baldness. Minoxidil must be used indefinitely for continued support of existing hair follicles and the maintenance of any experienced hair regrowth.

May have significant side effects, including weak erections and decreased semen production.

Also, conveniently rhymes with cocaine, resulting in its frequent appearance in rap lyrics.
His brain was saturated with cocaine and Rogaine
- Danger DOOM

Grandfathers cocaine
And a big fucking box of chow mein
Drizzled with rogaine
Till the government came

Cocaine, lo mein, propane, Rogaine
Gold chain
- Jarron Benton
by ishigotori March 28, 2014

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Slang term for a black man's penis.

Simultaneously manages to associate black males with both guns and aids. Truly brilliant.
His friends laughed when the young negro pulled his aids blaster out of the blonde's ass and shot her in the face.
by ishigotori November 29, 2012

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