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1. adjective referring to all types of negative, annoying or frustrating situations and circumstances. It can also describe the behavior of a person who is upset or having a bad day.

2. exclamation of sympathy and camaraderie for someone experiencing a disheartening situation.
1. This party is wee-woo without Alison and Ryan. We should leave.

2. Annie said Emily is wee-woo because there is no new episode of "The Office" this week.

3. Awwww, Timmy, you lost that cute guy's number? Wee-woo!
by infiniteache December 24, 2008
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When you have sex with your first person who is a member of AEA/Actor's Equity Association you get your "sex-quity card"
OMG I totally blew that hottie from Spring Awakening last night and bagged my sex-quity card.
by infiniteache May 20, 2010
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