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1. the street where people go to be seen and feel like they're splurging lotsa GBP's when the fact is that they're there because that's about the only place everyone in Europe will surely know of once in London ie a meeting point/ reference point
2. the street where LONDON's huge student population throngs when there's a sale
3. the street where Topshop is
Huseyn’s meeting his friend from Australia,.
Azrieal: omfg. I’m lost.
Huseyn: where r u now?
Azrieal: there’s lotsa people around here. They look like they’re buying everything from all the stores. They got em bags from primark yeah
Huseyn: see you there (implicitly understood as Ox Street)

usage 2:
Mc: hey how was ur boxing day?
Uzz: the selfridges yeah on Oxford street yeah, it was f-ing full...
mc: well its boxing day
Uzz: but i was not ready to battle with them Arabian wives of some Dubai oil-syekh yeah....
mc: ur rite. during sale, Oxford Street is for students

usage 3:
American fashionista: oh my god!like totally cool like topshop's in soHo...
British design student: well, i'm sick of it. now i'm doing Muji and Uniqlo
by imthatchickulike May 4, 2009
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