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A game where a shit ton of shitty shitting robots that shit all over your shit covered shit body while they shitting rape you to a shitty shit death full of shit. I shitting love it. It's the shitting best shitting horror game ever. And it will make you shit your shit covered shitty pants.
Person 2 : I think you shit your pants...
Person : Oh yeah... That happens alot while playing this Five Nights at Freddy's...
by imlookingatyou January 23, 2015

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A guy who is misunderstood to be dumb. But his friends are the main cause, he is a computer person. But before he can express the area he is smart in he is interrupted by his friends telling him that "They Don't Care. Shut up". Tries to be fun and acts like he is having a good time with his friends but is dying inside because of the jokes about his shortness and how he is nerdy. The only fun time he has is playing games and day dreaming about that girl he likes but is too shy to talk to. Funny and tries to be cute. His friends take his belongings a lot and tosses them around the bus. Cries silently sometimes. The only reason he still hangs out with his friends is that they can make him laugh sometimes. Adams are usually shy.
Guy : Adam, sit by us!
Adam : *silently tries to walk pass*
Guy : *sits Adam down*
Adam : *silently laughs*
by imlookingatyou January 18, 2015

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