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An absolute star. A gorgeous gorgeous boy. Always cheerful and cheeky, and looking for fun. Always makes you smile and is so easy to love.

Barney, Ive had so many amazing memories with you. Everyone who met you loved you. If anyone says a bad word against you, they didnt know you and didnt deserve to know you. Because baby, you were the best thing that ever happened to my life and believe me when I say this, I love you. And I always will, ok? I knew it couldnt last forever, but when I said goodbye that last time, it broke my heart, and it will never heal properly now your not here. Please never forget me. I'll never ever ever forget you babe. I love you tonnes. Miss you so much my amazing baby boy.

Till my dying day I will remember all the good times we had. I wont delete the photos, or the poems I wrote for you. I love you. I always will Barney.
The best thing in the world. If you are ever lucky enough to meet him, remember the times you spent with him. Because you'll never find someone quite like Barney ever again. I can promise you that.
by ilovemybarney April 10, 2011

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